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Mission Statement

The mission of Florida Gateway College is to provide superior instruction, nurture individual development, and enrich the diverse communities it serves through affordable, quality higher education programs and lifelong learning opportunities. Reaffirmed by the Board of Trustees on June 16, 2022.

Florida Gateway College 2017-2022 Strategic Plan
Serve, Enhance, and Grow

Goal 1: Success

Improve student persistence, retention, and learning through instructional excellence and exceptional support services.


  1. Implement proactive advising strategies throughout all college units.
  2. Use innovation, technology, and best practices in instruction to provide rigorous and engaging learning experiences.
  3. Expand transfer pathways by increasing program articulation agreements with higher education institutions.
  4. Establish a comprehensive Career Center that helps students align educational and career goals and promotes job exploration and planning to prepare them for success in their chosen career.

Goal 2: Engagement

Promote economic development and community enrichment through business partnerships, service, and engagement.


  1. Engage students, faculty and staff in community service and service learning activities.
  2. Provide client-focused, customized corporate training to enhance continuous employee growth and development
  3. Culturally and intellectually enrich the community through diverse entertainment and cultural activities
  4. Promote student engagement by providing opportunities to participate in student organizations, competitions, and campus life activities.

Goal 3: Academics and Lifelong Learning

Foster a culture of cradle to grave learning through formal, non-formal and informal education offerings that provide the foundation for lifelong learning.


  1. Offer learning experiences that inspire students to obtain knowledge outside of the educational system and the motivation to continue learning throughout their lifespan.
  2. Provide a general education core that gives students a broad, common foundation of knowledge, skills, and abilities to succeed within personal, social and career goals.
  3. Provide instruction in a variety of delivery methods and flexible course schedules.

Goal 4: Assessment, Accountability, and Improvement

Ensure college vitality and enhance college services through a culture of accountability and continuous improvement.


  1. Institutionalize a system for planning, budgeting, and assessment to ensure decisions are data driven and lead to improvement.
  2. Promote fiscal stability and efficiency of college operations through effective allocation and use of resources.
  3. Evaluate the viability and relevance of current programs and perform community and regional studies to find opportunities for new program development.

Goal 5: Institutional Resource Development

Ensure institutional resources are adequate to enhance student learning, instructional quality, and support educational programs.


  1. Increase revenue by aligning resource development activities, cultivate new avenues of funding, and pursue opportunities to enhance existing resources.
  2. Build and maintain accessible facilities, infrastructure, and grounds that functionally and aesthetically meet institutional needs.
  3. Incorporate emerging technologies that enhance student learning, support faculty/staff productivity, and ensure organizational effectiveness.
  4. Provide learning/information resources that are appropriate to support instruction and enhance program quality through foundation endowments.
  5. Provide comprehensive professional development opportunities that improve teaching and learning, develop leadership, and strengthen employee skills.

Goal 6: Access

Develop multiple pathways for equal and equitable access to the college’s programs and services by reducing barriers to enrollment and progression and improve student academic achievement and goal attainment.


  1. Develop and implement a Strategic Enrollment Management Plan that will increase enrollment.
  2. Implement a marketing plan that will promote the activities of the college and increase awareness of the role it plays in the lives of the community.
  3. Provide a college website and Information Technology Systems that is well organized and easy to use for seamless access to college enrollment and progression processes and information pertinent to students, faculty, staff, and community.
  4. Establish an Access/Diversity Committee to review, assess and recommend potential additional opportunities to increase diversity in both our student body and for new faculty and staff.
  5. Create Scheduling options to meet the needs across diverse student populations.

Aspirational Goals for Florida Gateway College

  • Increase retention rate for first-time full-time students to 69%.
  • Increase overall fall-to-fall retention rates to 60%.
  • Increase graduation rates to 65%.
  • Increase unduplicated headcount enrollment to 5,800 per year.
  • Increase FTE enrollment to 2,500 annualized.
  • Increase the number of full-time faculty by 15%.
  • Increase assets of the Foundation for Florida Gateway College to over 22 million dollars.
  • Expand the number of Bachelor Degree Programs offered to five.
  • Expand the number of academic programs offered entirely through distance learning to thirteen.
  • Florida Gateway College will be nationally recognized as a premier learning institute that nurtures a high level of student success and instructional quality. (IE– Aspen Institute, Chronicle of Higher Education).

Approved by the Board of Trustees on February 14, 2017.